Fiction writer Humayun Ahmed on the page of memory!!!

Today is the 72nd birthday of the celebrated novelist Humayun Ahmed. I think it fulfilled because he wrote until he died. Even in New York, He wrote the novel ‘Deyal’ while lying in a hospital bed. His death deeply saddened the whole nation. That grief has not yet left the hearts of the fans and readers.

Humayun Ahmed was the most famous writer in Bangladesh and still seems to be a popular writer. Although he spread his talent in the novel, it started with poetry. After that, he worked in every field from drama, children’s literature, science fiction, film directing to art-literature. Humayun Ahmed is a scientist in Bengali literature. He is also the father of fiction because his writings are still fantastic to everyone.

His fame spread soon after his first novel, Nandita Narke, was published in 1972. Story And the characters he created in the play, especially ‘Himu,’ ‘Misir Ali,’ ‘Shuvro’ are still exemplary for the youth. Humayun was the eldest of five siblings. Renowned computer scientist, Professor of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, and famous story writer Zafar Iqbal is his younger brother who is still a literary writer. His younger brother Ahsan Habib is a renowned cartoonist and humorous writer.


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