Green Industrial Revolution

The UK wants to stop petrol-diesel cars by 2030. This time it has taken the initiative to start the ‘Green Industrial Revolution.’ The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson has inaugurated many projects for this. Boris has set up a special fund of 1.2 billion to implement the Green Industrial Revolution. The purpose of the Industrial Revolution is to make the world greener and ensure that the world’s future is protecting from destruction.

Under the projects, petrol and diesel vehicles will sell in the next ten years, i.e., by 2030 Plan to ban. Boris Johnson said there 250,000 green jobs would create across the UK.The creators of this project. Next year’s Climate Summit Cup in Glasgow, Scotland. With this conference in mind, Britain has planned a significant project of the Green Industrial Revolution. Britain hopes to reduce carbon emissions by 2050 through this green industrial revolution. Britain will emerge from the era of diesel-powered lorries and stop buying and selling petrol-diesel-powered cars in the next ten years under the Green Industrial Revolution. Boris Johnson and “Through this, we will move forward toward a richer, greener future, but the amount of investment behind such a large-scale venture is far below the required amount,” Boris said. Those concerned are doing. However, the government says it is in the early stages. If necessary, the investment will increase.


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