Sculpture vs. Statue

Idols make him a creator, worship him, worship him, and create a new map and nation on the face of the earth. His artistic creation is a sculpture in homage to the ideological father’s outstanding contribution who gave birth to the state and the great memory. Has explicitly forbidden to exaggerate. But God Himself does not like transgressors!

Animal sculpture does not mean shirk. There are sculptures in many Islamic countries of the world. Jeddah in Saudi Arabia In the main center, a sculpture called The Fist is a fist hand sculpture. There are also horses And fish sculptures. Similarly, there are sculptures of horses and other creatures in Muslim-dominated Dubai, Iran, Indonesia, and Egypt. It proved that whether the statue is of the living body or any part of the living body is shirk, It didn’t build for worship, but there is no ban on it. According to the hadith of Bukhari Sharif, idol means Not the material of shirk. In the house of Hazrat Ayesha (ra) there was a small statueRAf, a toy horse. The Prophet (peace be upon him) did not forbid that day. The allowed or idols were not for worship but for play. So the Prophet (page upon him) forbade Didn’t.
Similarly, the sculptures are the identity of beauty practice and taste or any historical event. It is not prohibited, according to Islamprohibitedngs, to erect a memorial plaque. ‘Bengali culture is not a foreign culture,This is our own culture. Things in this culture are shirk or a mixture of sharing with Allah. Celebrating without it, calling it a sudden shirk culture, is nothing but dirty politics. Bukhari There is that famous hadith at the beginning of Sharif, “Innamal Amalu Binniyyat (work depends on intention). Idols or sculptures are not a means of shirk. There was a small idol of a horse in Hazrat Ayesha (RA)(Source: Bukhari Sharif-Kitabul Adab). The Prophet (peace be upon him) allowed him, these little dolls or statues Were not for worship; instead, it was for play. So the Prophet (peace be upon him) did not forbid. Similarly, sculptures that place as a symbol of aesthetic practice and taste are a memorial to a historical event. It didn’t prohibit according to Islamic teachings.

Islamic experts say, ‘Sculpture, idol worship, idols নয় are not one thing. Verse 13 of Surah Saba in the Holy Quran mentions the construction of sculptures: “They are palaces according to Solomon’s wishes. He used to make large sculptural pots and well-placed pots. I said, O family of David, keep working with gratitude. Few of My servants are grateful. “Regarding idol worship, it states in verse 35 of Surah Ibrahim of the Holy Qur’an: “Remember, Ibrahim. He said, “O my Lord, keep this city safe and keep my sons and me away from idol worship.” Tamala (Sculpture) of verse 13 of Surah Saba and verse 35 of Surah IbrahimAsanam of the poem (idol worship) — distorts the meaning of these two words: sculptures of idols in the same sense. If you want to make it, I will tell them please do not cause trouble by misinterpreting the meaning of the words of the Qur’an.


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