Sufia Kamal is a pioneer of women’s movement.

She was a poet, but everyone had another identity of Sufia Kamal — “Janani Sahasika”. Was Sufia Kamal a feminist? In what form does he expect to see women? Do you want to see the participation of men and women as equal in a patriarchal society? What was the environment of a woman’s home and outside to him?

A girl named Sufia was born at the beginning of the last century in Shayestaganj of Barisal. Who is better known to the people of the country as ‘Janani Sahasika.’ ‘Sainik Badhu’ is a story that begins with literature but ends with creating hundreds of novels, poems, and literature. He writes, ‘The poems of the evening Maya are as colorful as the evening Maya as colorful as the twilight. This evening is not the evening of Krishna-Tithi, but the evening of Shukla Chatudarshi. For the emergence of a full moon of genius, there is a need for such agonizing darkness, for sadness. ‘He also protested against the post-75 militarization, which has a history of liberation war and self-sacrifice. And in 1990, we saw him lead a silent procession of anti-authoritarian protesters.

The 21st death anniversary of Sufia Kamal, a renowned poet, writer, and pioneer of the women’s movement, was celebrated on Friday, November 20. This world-famous female poet died on this day in 1999. After birth, the Sufi father chose the life of a monk. He witnessed his first husband Syed Nehal Hossain at a young age, the end of his 20-year-old son at the hands of miscreants, his mother’s death in 1941, the death of a son-in-law in 1971, and the death of his husband Kamaluddin Khan in 1986. But he did not forget his grief and called for more significant duty.


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