The story of becoming a Joe Biden in the USA.

Joe Biden is the man who got the most votes of all time at the end of his life. Congratulations to Joe Biden on his election as the 46th President of the United States Congratulations to all the world people who love democracy.

Age 77! His long political life is almost 50 years. Born into a Catholic family in 1942, he did not drop out of school due to poverty. He studied law, political science, and history but became a Biden lawyer. If Biden began his career as a lawyer, he involves in politics for the rest of his life. But political Although he was very successful in life, a car accident killed two critical family members in his personal life. Beaver Joe Biden thought of his family and country and decided to start a new life by avoiding this path. In his personal life, he was a family man to come home for only 4 hours after office hours. Someone thinks the United States is going to get a Justin Trudeau. People think of Joe Biden. All the people in the world are equal. Who has no discrimination, who is democratic, a republic, European, Asian, etc.? With Joe Biden in hand, America expects to become a true friend to the world.

Democracy-loving people say the American people, democracy, peace, and progress through this election. Has given their verdict in favor. We also congratulate the people of the United States for this. We hope that the newly elected President of the United States and his tenure will contribute to world peace and take their country’s relations with Bangladesh to new heights.


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