Tsunami of coronavirus

Experts say many are not wearing masks. Don’t think that Kovid’s infection is over. So much Don’t be careless. The second or third wave of coronavirus on earth is as strong as a tsunami. Coronary heart disease is thought to be on the rise, not declining. He added, ‘Still vaccinated Didn’t come. We do not know when the vaccine will come. So take care of yourself. It will take more time. Advise everyone to avoid extra crowds. They said to wear masks, wash hands, and maintain distance. “Only these rules can keep us safe,” they said. “All places are open for prayer.” However, these places cannot crowd. A special consul of the World Health Organization (WHO) said that the second wave expects to hit Europe as European countries did not build the necessary health infrastructure after the first stage of coronavirus infection last summer. Suppose the same mistake repeat, the third wave of Corona will come in different countries at the beginning of next year. There was a lot to learn in Europe from Asian countries.

In Europe, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, and Turkey, the infection is rampant and difficult to control. Asian countries have not relaxed the rules prematurely. We will have to wait until the diseases significantly reduce. Europe’s action was incomplete. Infection in South Korea is relatively low. The people there are fully involved in dealing with Corona. The coronavirus is not able to survive because of their behavioral changes. They adhere to the distance after the mask; when he is sick, he isolates and washes his hands. They protect the most endangered group. Corona is a contagious disease. There is a growing suspicion among the people about who is affected and who is not Done. Does it have a negative role in human relationships? Don’t be in people Panic ensued. Such fearful situations and uncertainties make people selfish. It is a human instinct. As a result, coronary heart disease and infectious diseases will harm society, which is not uncommon. But this is a social situation where people are going through a particular case. It needs to happen. It is not happening in our country. We do not have any data or statistics. As a result, it is difficult to explain this situation socially. Some changes have already taken place in our lives. We are following a lot of rules now and avoiding social events. I am looking at cleanliness. I am not going to the hospital unless I am in great danger or a little sick. A kind of something A situation of suspicion and disbelief create. One type of fear has entered us. Corona infection is still ongoing. On the contrary, experts say it will increase in the future. We will not get rid of this situation quickly and easily.


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