Why is the word ‘lockdown’ so familiar?

Coronavirus epidemics have changed the way people live around the world. This way of life is such. It has changed, as well as the words used in daily life. The term ‘lockdown’ hail as the best word of the year by the Collins Dictionary of English, published in the United Kingdom. The name lockdown has become synonymous with it. However, Lockdown’s literal meaning is, ‘The general public is familiar with Lockdown when there are strict travel restrictions, social engagement, and public transportation.

A study has found that the use of Lockdown has increased by 6,000 percent since last year. The Lockdown is an overall reflection of the steps that billions of people worldwide have taken from their respective positions to combat Covid-19. But another critical piece of information is that only Lockdown is not using this time. Aside from Lockdown, the other five are ‘coronavirus’ and ‘social distance’ (Adhering to social distance), ‘self-isolation,’ ‘foral’ (permission to stay on leave), ‘key worker’ (workers in essential sectors working during an epidemic).


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